Meet Me - Gabriella Whisler

Gabriella Whisler

Gabriella Whisler specializes in equine and sport photography in Gainesville, Florida.

Gabriella’s passion for equine sport photography grew as a product of her equestrian career. Thanks to her seven years of riding experience, she was drawn to capturing memories and moments for her peers, allowing them to relive their own experiences again and again.

Recently, Gabriella has a newfound love for sport photography. In the equine off-season she began experimenting with other sports and took a job as the official photographer with her high school’s junior varsity and varsity football teams, attending practices, every game and traveling all over the state of Florida. She also worked with the University of Florida’s football team, the Florida Gators, shooting practices and games.

Gabriella has been practicing photography since 2015 and currently shoots with a Canon Rebel T6. She takes it – lovingly named "Sam" – everywhere she goes, allowing her to express herself through photography.

After experimenting with many cameras and subjects, Gabriella joined her school's previous photography club and has since become the founder & president of photography club at Gainesville High School. As well as being appointed Photography Editor for the yearbook staff and working with many of the schools sports teams and clubs.

Gabriella chooses to practice photography as an outlet to share her ability to capture fleeting moments and inspire those around her to do what they love without hesitation. She continues to learn daily and plans to turn her passion into a career.

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