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Services and Hiring

Horse Show Photography

$220 half day (8-11 a.m., 11-2 p.m., 2-5p.m.)(5 digital downloads included)

$410 full day (8-2 p.m. or  11-5 p.m.)(10 pictures)

$800 weekend (2 days, 8-2)(20 pictures)

* $20 per additional photo

Equine Portrait

BRONZE PACKAGE: $150 (1 hour + 5 pictures)

SILVER PACKAGE: $200 (2 hour + 10 pictures)

GOLD PACKAGE: $250 (3 hours + 20 pictures)

* $20 per additional photo

* Each hour typically accommodates 1 horse & 1 outfit

Portrait Packages

$75 hourly rate

*within 25 miles of Gainesville, FL

**over 25 miles contact me for pricing


$45 per hour

$125 half day (3 hours, all digitals)

$200 full day (5 hours, all digitals)

*Add-ons: Photo booth + props $50 per hour


"Gabriella Whisler Photography takes amazing photos at half the price of other photographers. She is very professional and friendly. She takes many high quality photos, and her website makes it extremely easy to find. I recommend Gabriella Whisler Photography if you are looking for high quality photos." - Claire Lube

"GKWhisler Photography was amazing!! I got my photos right away. they were affordable and super high quality." - Emma Engel

"I was very impressed with my pictures taken by Gabriella! She reached out to me to let me know she had taken some and if she hadn't I would never have known! She was very polite and responded back quickly and answered any questions. prices are very reasonable and the pictures are super high quality!" - Jenna Chasnov

"[Gabriella] took amazing and beautiful pictures!! [Her] prices are so affordable and reasonable!! Gabby responded so quickly with amazing answers and was very professional about everything. Her company is also very organized about everything and was easy to find all the pictures!!" - Jessica Bader

"I am very happy with my photo from GKWhisler Photography! There are so many great things to say; the quality, cost effectiveness and quick delivery are just a few things which made me happy with my purchase." - Kaitlyn Williams

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